The Management
The company, is being managed by a team of highly educated, enthusiastic and energetic professionals in every sphere of the company.


Highly qualified and with vast experience, is Technical Director, taking major responsibilities of research, designing, development & production, quite enthusiastically and successfully.

  Mr. Irfan A. Ayub


Holds Master degree business administration, is an energetic young man and is Director Marketing, Sales and Finance of the company and handling all these affairs very diligently in the best interest of both company and customer.

Mr. Furqan A. Ayub  


Director International Marketing, and monitoring company's overseas office in Dubai. He has deep business acumen especially in international market.

Mr. Salman Ayub

Quite young person, who joined the company just few years back working as Director Quality Assurance and Exports. His hectic efforts has much improved the company's production standard.

Mr. Usman A. Ayub  
Senior Executives
Young, energetic and enthusiastic personality having associate membership from Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) and Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA). He has served various Government departments and corporations at different levels. Due to his experience , devotion and professional approach, the entire accounts, finance and related planning matters of the company are being managed at their best.
Mr. Fakhar Masud
Chief Accountant
Leading Sales & Marketing team of the company since 1992. He has served various multinationals organizations. Due to his dedicated efforts and marketing policies, the company has achieved advantageous position in competitive market.
  Mr. Abdul Qayyum Tahseen
Executive Sales & Marketing
He is serving the company since 2000. He has experience of international marketing in countries like UK and KSA. Presently, he is assisting Director International Marketing at Dubai Sales Office. He has contributed a lot in covering new international markets.
Mr. Nasir Adnan
Executive Sales